Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 in review and upcoming for 2012

It amazes me how quick this year has gone by. All in all, it has not been a bad year, but it did come with more challenges than most. That applies to my clients as well as my daughter and myself. However all is well with everyone! Hardships are chalked up to “Life’s lessons”, and we would not be complete without them. For those that know me, know that I am very much into “Things happen for a reason.”
In a nutshell, across the board, 2011 has not been an easy year on my clients. The economy has hit some harder than others. I am happy to report that those that were hit are fairing well. When hard times hit, always remember to keep it positive. Look at what you do have verses what you don’t have.
What was new for me in 2011? Traveling to some events, national television, a lot more radio shows and FACEBOOK! Yes, I can say that Facebook is by far my new addiction! It has given me the opportunity to “mingle” with some of my clients that are out of state, the opportunity for some of my clients to get to know me on a more personable level, and some Facebook friends that have turned into clients. As well as the opportunity to reunite with long lost family and friends.
For those that don’t have Facebook, I will make a point to start posting to this blog on a more regular basis in 2012. I get LOTS of emails that ask questions about me as a person. Sometimes I forget, that you really don’t “know” me or who I am. So for 2012, I will post more blogs that are geared towards me and my rants and raves.
Now onto the big picture…What can you expect for 2012? First of all, I am not one of those that believe the World will end in 2012. Nor am I one of those psychics that like to post predictions for the year. (I find that very irritating, when they are yelling I predicted that!) With that said let me give you some basic generalizations for the upcoming year.
So on a whole for 2012….in one word “Changes”. The good and the bad? Lets get “The bad” out of the way first. There will indeed be an increase in natural disasters this year that will lead a lot to start yelling that the end is here. (Keeping locations out of this, but it does apply to the US as well.) The presidential election, this is going to be a mess. (Enough said on that for now, wait and see what happens). Banking and financial institutions are going to take a really hard hit this year resulting in some radical changes. (More so than what you have seen in the last couple of years.) And unfortunate but true, I look for the death announcement of a very well known psychic. If you are in Virginia, beware of the weather in January! It will be nasty! (Also we haven’t seen the big quake yet, but it’s coming.)
Now for the good news. This is an incredible year of “Reuniting”. From relationships to family this shows a definite increase for 2012. Those that have suffered hardships in the past 3 years will begin to reap their rewards in 2012 in all areas of their lives. On personal levels, “What was lost will now be found, and what was missing will be replaced”. Living in a World of science, the Metaphysical comes out strong this year, as well as many scientists that will participate in Metaphysical studies. (This is pertaining to healing). Now, what you need to know… If you need to make amends with someone now is the time to do so. I say this because a lot of karma is coming in to those that have done others wrong in 2012. (Timing is everything.)
On a whole most people’s “Perspective” will switch to a positive stance in 2012. I can say as a psychic, I am pleased at seeing this and the energy surrounding it is wonderful.
Changes for me in 2012? Though as a psychic I don’t read well for myself, but so far I like what I see. One of the things I do see is more face-to-face meetings with some that I have read for a very long time. I am super excited about this! I look for a lot more outings with my Meetup group and my paranormal team, CVAPI coming on strong yet again. The first of the year I will be working on my new book inspired by my Ghost Hunting 101 presentation, and I am actually excited about this.
Now for my rant….If I read one more thing from a psychic on how to prepare for 2012, I honestly think I will puke. Everyone please, please, please be warned of the psychic scams that I can see coming from this. No one can sell you fairy dust to fix your problems and the year 2012 is NOT as bad as some are making it out to be!
To all of you I wish you nothing but the best for 2012 in all areas of your life. And THANK YOU for another amazing year!

To my trivia buddy Dave, (on an opposing team I might add), who didn’t think I would mention him in my blog….Wishing you the best in 2012!!! Oh yeah, if Cheryl ends up on an opposing bowling team New Year’s Eve I hope she kicks your butt! She will represent the “female species” well!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday online

Black Friday online

The Simplicity of Reiki From a Psychic

I have recieved several emails regarding Reiki on exactly what it is and inquiring about Rieki Certification. The Simplicity of Reiki From a Psychic is a short publication regarding Reiki. The in's and out's, an understanding of Reiki, how it used for centering and grounding and the healing that can occur. This is now available on Amazon, Kindle, Nook and Barnes and Noble. For information on purchasing this publication please click here.
If there are any questions that I can answer for you please email me at

I will be available for psychic readings on Thanksgiving Day in the morning and that evening and all of the holiday weekend.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The month of November 2011

I normally don't take the time to post about a month in general. However, in doing the horoscopes this month, I am amazed at what looks like one CRAZY month ahead of us in November.
It is true that Mercury Retrograde begins November 24th. However, this one does not appear to reek the chaos it normally does. In fact, I see nothing but positive changes for this particular Retrograde.
The best I can describe the entire month of November is extremely high energy, or more so than what I have seen in well over a year. This is absolutely the month of the "unexpected", but to a positive effect.
What kind of strange occurrences can you expect this month? Almost anything. This is the month that the impossible seems to take place. Items you lost, will be found, people you thought would never unite, will. It is a month when all the odds work for you instead of against you and the cliche' of "opposites attract" begin to materialize. New beginnings are at hand in all areas.
The down side to this...
Anticipate a LOT of restless energy.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ghost Hunting 101

Ghost Hunting 101

Some amazing results with Reiki...

For those that have never tried Reiki, I highly recommend it. My original interest was for myself. A technique of grounding, relaxation and letting everyone's energy go after hours of readings. I have found this to be most successful.
Some refer to Reiki as "The Healing Touch" and indeed it can be used for healing. It is sent into the body for the "Greater good", taking care of what needs to be healed. I have seen amazing results from anywhere from toothaches to migranes.
Reiki is a form of "Energy healing" which involves aligning the chakras and cleansing the aurua. This will generally provoke a 30 day cleansing period to which some have reported some amazing breakthroughs in that 30 days.
Another use for Reiki is for your pets. My Siberian Husky, Sasha LOVES a Reiki session and actually is jealous if someone other than her is getting a Reiki session. She recently turned 11 years old, and I personally view this as a necessity in maintaining her youthful energy and overall health.
With the healing results that I have seen I am curious to find out what else can be done. I have seen toothaches and migranes, cuts and wounds. But this has left me to wonder what else can be done physically with Reiki? This has prompted me to try my own "Reiki experiment" beginning this weekend for the next few weeks.
We all know that the key to weight loss is diet and exercise. But I am curious if it would speed up your results by incorporating Reiki and some natural rememdies? Thus, this is the experiment. This will involve myself logging 4 weeks results, and then on a couple of my volunteer friends so I may share their stories as well. So, stay tuned!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Main phone system

When calling my main phone system for a reading, the automated system will ask for all of your information.
One of the questions is YOUR NAME. If you do not state your name, the call will not go through. If you continue to call without stating your name, you number is then blocked.

Placing your life on hold...

In speaking with a member of Central VA Psychic Development & Paranormal Research, I found someone that placed her life on hold for 6 months after meeting with a local psychic for a reading.
The problem? The psychic had told her that a particular person would return to her within 6 months. This never came to pass. Meanwhile, she tells me she was an emotional mess in that time.
With many varying gifts that psychic's carry, how do they read tiimeframes? Some say they can see timeframes while others cannot. In the event I am doing a reading and I am asked for a timeframe, I either see it or I don't. With some an actual date will show, with others a calendar, and when we are in that particular timeframe I am unable to narrow it down from there. So how much faith do you put into timeframes?
A psychic reading is meant to be uplifting and insightful. It is an opportunity for you to see what lies ahead. If there is something negative upcoming, you have an opportunity to change that path. If there is something you are waiting for upcoming, you should no its a matter of time, and NOT place your life on hold for it.
So what happened in her situation? Was the timing off? Or was the psychic inaccurate?
I actually view this in two differnt ways. First off, yes timeframes can be off. I have found it is perfectly feesible to get someone in the right timeframe, but hard to "pinpoint" an actual date of events.
Next, was the psychic inaccurate? You would have to look at the entire reading to determine that. Did things actually come to pass? Or was the reading generalized?
The first key in an accurate psychic reading is actually taking the time to research your psychic. If they are indeed offering psychic readings to the public, then there has to be a track record somewhere, and generally you can find a lot of this information online.
I do have many successful "timeframe" stories that my clients can share, I hope they will do so. One that really sticks with me happened a few years ago. When she first contacted me she had ended things with the love of her life, he had left the country and they had no way of contacting one another. Though I still saw him there in her reading, I also saw that it would be several months out. He did indeed return 19 months later and they married.
The point I want to make here, is not on the timeframe, but the fact that she did continue to live her life. She even played the dating game. Though he was the one she indeed wanted, she never ruled out other possibilities. She continued her readings with me and did not dwell on this person returning.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jackie's Gems & Jewels

A little something about me...
I LOVE JEWELRY! Costume jewelry is my absolute favorite. I started offering Jackie's Gems & Jewels on my website for those that share in that passion. What I like most about costume jewelry is that it is affordable with a lot of colors.
One of the fun pieces that I offer are my "bling rings". They match anything you wear and I don't think I have ever been anywhere that someone hasn't complimented me on them. (I have even sold a couple right off of my fingers!)
Costume jewelry, if purchased correctly can be a lot of fun. These pieces are not worn everyday, and offers that extra "pop" to anything you wear. Some of them have actual gemstones that carry many varying purposes to them. Coming up I will be adding some cuff bracelets that I am EXTREMELY excited about.
Newly added are "Judy's Jewels", who is Judy? She is my mother. She sells her jewelry on ebay and has allowed me to hand pick a few pieces for the site. (I wear her jewelry often as well!) All of her pieces are handmade and are fun!
My career is psychic readings, my hobby is ghost hunting, but in all honesty I am a "Jewelry Junkie". Stop by my site and let me know what you think.
If you have a special request, contact me and I will see what I can do.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Bringing Ashley Home" on Lifetime

This Sunday September 4th at 4PM EST, my client has her story re-airing on Lifetime called, "Bringing Ashley Home". This is a must watch! (Besides, you can never go wrong with a Lifetime movie.) Ashley is her sister. For more information visit the Lifetime Link.
You can learn more about her organization at Outpost for HopePlease feel free to contact them if you have a missing loved one or a "kid off the grid". They are there to assist!

Psychic Readings By Jackie

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Irene was downgraded to a severe tropical storm when it hit us Saturday afternoon until the wee hours of Sunday morning. This sent our power out early on Saturday, coming back on this afternoon. Though I lost 14 trees (uprooted), I came out with no damage. Unfortunately, my neighbors ended up with a few of my trees hitting their house. At this time, my power is on again and off again as they try to get everyone in my area up and running. Your patience is GREATLY appreciated as I begin answering emails.

Psychic Readings By Jackie

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Feeling the Earth move today...

I am AMAZED at how many of you across the US and Canada remembered I am in Virginia and I thank all of you for the emails of concern. We indeed did had a 5.8 earthquake today, located a couple of counties over from us. My daughter was in the office with me at the time and we are all just fine. No damage to report but a very long 30 seconds. They have reported one after shock so far, that we did not even feel.
Now on to the weekend. We are keeping our eye on Hurricane Irene. As of now it has the potential to hit us as a Category 2 Hurricane. We went through a Category 1 back in 2003 and were without power and land locked for days. So we are hoping for the best on this go around.
In the event I loose power it WILL affect emails, email readings and your weekly forecast. (I am on what I refer to as "Hootersville Electric") In this case, please know that you will be my TOP priority once I'm up and running again. You may continue to send your emails at and I will answer them in the order recieved.
Again, thank you all for your concern, we are just fine!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Facelift for the website...

It has been a long time coming but my entire psychic website at has been revamped and went live today! (All prices remain the same, there were no adjustments there.) The focus was on easier navigation of the site, and we had some prior complaints about the site loading correctly on smartphones. Hopefully all of these issues have been resolved! IF you happen to come across ANY problem on the website, or have a suggestion PLEASE let me know. In the past, I have had numerous problems with the form for leaving testimonials, and so far, this new one is working like a charm! A few days ago, while things were being tested, it has come to my attention that I may have missed a couple of emails. If you have emailed me in the last week or so and did not get a reply, I apologize, and feel free to email me again.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Psychic Readings By Jackie

Monday, June 13, 2011

Psychic Scams on Blogtalk

A new psychic scam has recently come to my attention that I want to share with other psychics and paranormal investigators. I have been approached from a psychic with a "featured radio show" on Blogtalk. They are asking for payment to appear as a guest on their show, as well as offering advertising on thier Blogtalk site.
First of all, you should never PAY to appear on ANY radio show.
To add to their "hype" they have included some well known psychics and paranormal investigators names that they say have appeared on their show. In browsing their past shows podcasts, none of these people are on these shows.
I did indeed approach them to see if this was for their own financial gain and this is the copy of the response that I recieved:

"No its not financial gain, its to keep the show on the air and this show has helped so many people, we have helped people even as far as stopping them from committing suicide. All of my guest have been more then happy to help the show, as they know how much the show helps people, they get to help when they are on and many listeners go them privately for help!"

Okay, first of all...psychics do NOT offer medical or legal advice. I have a real issue with the fact that you proclaim to have stopped someone from committing suicide when you are not in the medical field.
Next if you cannot afford your featured radio show GET OFF THE AIR! Or downgrade to a free show since you obviously have such a strong following.
A lot of talk shows are informative and do help people at large. However, it is ridiculous to think that people would pay to be on the radio.

Psychic Readings By Jackie

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


TO: AKA Susan Jones and Melissa Smith

The BBB has provided me with your fraudulant information using Bryant New's address. This will be handled accordingly.

If you have any questions regarding my business, I might suggest you address me directly. You will find my business license on file at Chesterfield County.

Any further contact from either of you will be deemed as harrassment.

Jackie Tomlin

Psychic Readings By Jackie

Monday, April 18, 2011

Next Local Reiki Certifications - Saturday April 30th

For those interested in Reiki Certifications, the next date at the local level will be Saturday April 30th. Please email me if you have any questions! I love meeting people that share the Reiki interests!

Psychic Readings By Jackie

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Local Reiki Certifications on Saturday April 9th

I am very excited about this as I don't offer Reiki Certification at the local level too often. This will be Saturday April 9th from 12:00 to 4:00PM. This is for ALL LEVELS of Reiki. This will cover levels I, II, III and your Master's Certification.
Unlike most, I am not charging per level. I am charging a flat fee for the entire Reiki Master's Certification. SEATING IS LIMITED! Follow this link for more information on enrollment.
I am looking forward to meeting everyone and can't wait until April 9th!

Psychic Readings By Jackie