Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reiki Certifications at a reduced rate

December "Rants & Raves"

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?  I am most certain that this caught your attention.  My December newsletter went out this month and it was signed, “Merry Christmas, Jackie”.  Apparently, I have offended some in doing so.  With that said, I think I will make December’s blog a little about my beliefs.
First of all, I come from a Baptist family.  My Grandmother who was a Sunday school teacher and led the missionary meetings for our church and she raised me.  My Grandfather passed when I was 12 years old and was a Deacon at our church for 17 years.  Growing up, going to church for me was not an option, you just did.
So what do I believe in?  Christianity.  I believe in God and Angels.  I believe in the bible and that everything in it did happen.  But I also believe that in “Freedom of religion”, we dissected the Bible into our own beliefs and adopted unified religion such as Baptist, Catholics, etc.  Bottom line, I believe in it all.
With that said, I also have friends that are Pagans and Wiccans.   You may be surprised to learn that we carry many similarities and it does not mean they are bad people.  They respect my beliefs the way I respect theirs. 
In doing a medium reading I can indeed see the other side.  I can also read Tarot cards fluently.  Does this make me a bad person because I am able to do something that others can’t?  I don’t believe so.  I do fully believe that it is a gift and for some unknown reason, I see things that others do not.  Many have asked if I ever had a near death experience, and the answer is yes. I had a full cardiac arrest in 1991.  I can say that things did not begin then, but did become much stronger after the fact.
Through working with the paranormal, I have also learned that evil exists as well.  I think they go hand in hand.  How can you believe in good and not evil, or vice versa?  I have also found with each of those cases that they have done something to draw it in to them.
Now to answer another question.  Do I ever regret working as a full time psychic?  That answer is simple, not at all.  I just wish I would have embraced it and done it sooner than I did.  I find a career in assisting people in need very fulfilling.
So back to the original question….Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?  I would have to say MERRY CHRISTMAS, because that is what I choose to celebrate. 
Now, moving on to December, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.  My daughter and I certainly did, and we had a wonderful Christmas with my mother.  I also was able to reconnect with a cousin that we have not seen in some time.  In addition to sneaking a little time off.
I still have the Reiki Course on sale for $99 and have had a good response.  I am currently trying to make some decisions on this.  I am toying with the idea of keeping the rate reduced as long as I don’t become overwhelmed with students.  The other idea I am toying with is establishing a forum or facebook group or something for those students or for those with just a common interest.  Of course that will be announced when I figure it all out!  Do I use Reiki on myself?  ALL THE TIME!
I am getting many, many emails asking about a New Years reading.  The email reading is up and available at  I will set up something for a New Years Special beginning New Year’s Eve running through the first week of January!  Details coming soon!
I will also be cranking out another book in 2013, and will have that underway in the next few upcoming weeks.  For the locals, Central Virginia Psychic Development &Paranormal Research, we did not get to do a lot in 2012.  Most of this was due to the uncertainty of my mother’s health.  Though I do not intend to let the group go, I will call on others in 2013 to assist me in organizing events.
I can say that I have rather enjoyed committing to updating my blog at least once a month and plan to keep up with that commitment in 2013! 
I thank you all for another amazing year, your feedback, your input and everything that you share with me.  May you all have a safe and Happy New Year!!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

November "Rants & Raves"

First of all YES I am aware that it is now December.  It appears that I ran out of month trying to get my blog up for November!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I certainly did.  I cooked this year and can say that I actually enjoyed it!  I find it hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner.
My December newsletter should be going out sometime today, if you would like to get on the mailing list please send me an email to  I try to only send one out once a quarter.  I say this because I personally hate getting blown up with needless emails, and certainly hope my newsletter is not viewed that way!
I also have a couple of local events coming up in the month of December.  With my paranormal team CVAPI, and author Pamela K. Kinney there will be a book signing and hands on paranormal investigation at “The River Road House” featured in her latest book Haunted Richmond II.  This will be held on December 8th, for more information please visit
My next event is Monday December 10th at Brass Monkey in Chester Virginia.  This is a “Body wrap” party open to everyone.  Also, you will meet our leader, Wendy Gano, Presidential Diamond, and she can tell you how she did it in a year.
In other exciting news, I was asked to publish my 2013 predictions for a publication that I am very excited about and will announce this as it becomes available!
My schedule for psychic readings will remain the same in the month of December as I am looking forward to sticking close to home with my family for the holidays.  What else occurs in December?  My birthday!  Hats off to all you Sagittarius out there!
Now to answer some questions….  These questions are coming from “Caroline in South Carolina”, a long time client of mine.
Do psychic abilities run strong in your family?  Somewhat.  You hear many stories of how they skip a generation etc.  However, my daughter is a very gifted medium.  My mother carries a few abilities and can track it back to her great grandmother.  Overall, I think its hard to say, because they are rarely discussed.  I can say everything I have found has come from my Mother’s side of the family.
Is Sasha your only pet?  No, she is my Siberian Husky.  She is 12 years old and with me ALL the time.  (She is like the “Busch Bean Dog”, she hears all of your readings so be glad she can’t talk!)  I also have “Roxy” our cat, she is a Maine Coon and spoilt rotten as well.
Do you ever leave your area or go out of state for psychic readings?  Not very often, but I have before.  I expect you will see a lot more of this upcoming in 2013!!!
Do you spend a lot of time doing psychic readings for your family and friends?  Probably not as often as you would think.  My family and friends were the ones that pushed me to do this full time, and I am grateful that they did.  When the need arises, or in a crisis, they know I am there.  I guess being friends with a psychic can have its advantages!
What is your favorite way to spend your spare time?  Spare time, what is that? Lol.  I guess it depends on the seasons.  My favorite time of the year is spring and summer so those spare moments are generally spent on an activity outside.  I enjoy anything from cook outs with friends to hanging out in the park.  In the fall and winter months, the best way for me to spend my spare time is with a good book.  I love to read!  The problem is finding the time to do so.
That’s all for now guys and gals!  Until next time…

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Upcoming in 2013

           2013 will be a year that is all about “Changes”.  At present it appears that a vast part of the population have lost their perspective, as our country stands divided over the recent Presidential election.  This negativity will subside as things begin to move forward.  You can expect changes in our current government, though not well received at first; they will have a positive outcome at large.  Unfortunately I also see that there will be a continued struggle and battle for health care for those that need it as well.
            At some point there is a problem with our fuel supply with a lot of talk about tapping into our national reserve.  There also appears to be a terrorist attack on US soil that cannot be avoided.  With this attack there will be some type of public “Vaccination”. I see this as widespread and affecting all US citizens.
            The largest increase in the job market will come from small businesses instead of large corporations.  There will be many cut backs in large corporations and some that will not be able to hang on any longer.  However, there will be an unexpected growth in entrepreneurs and small businesses across the country.  Small businesses that have barely been hanging on will turn around and begin to thrive.
            There will be an increase in national disasters as well as their magnitude as our seasons begin to change there past patterns.  With this there will be an increase of religious organizations as people begin to worry that the end in near. 
            People’s patterns will begin to change.  There will be a significant decrease in those that travel abroad as they choose to stick closer to home.  There is also a significant decrease in the purchase of new homes and new automobiles.  This is basically due to people getting back to the basics and remembering what is important.  You will see more large spread downsizing, and a lot that will begin to “Save for a rainy day”.
            In matters of the heart you will see more relationships forming than ending.  Long term relationships and marriages will be on the rise, as you will see a decrease in the divorce rate.
            A break through will occur in medical treatment of many now known diseases.  This will be as a result and the use of oxygen.  It will be discovered how something so simple can treat many symptoms of diseases and an increase and demand for hypobaric oxygen chambers.  There will also be an increase of homeopathy and holistic practices as people have the need to get back to the basics.  Diet and exercise will definitely be on a large-scale increase in 2013.
            Overall, this will be a year of people planning ahead and establishing a “Plan B”.  An alternative to their current living situations.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October "Rants & Raves"

October has been eventful month weather wise here in Virginia.  The month began warm enough for me to finish up some of my backyard projects.  Ending with Hurricane Sandy coming to town.  Lucky for us, we did fine during the storm.  Unfortunately, it does appear that some of my clients have been hit hard. 

Other than the weather October has been a busy month of psychic readings, paranormal concerns, radio shows, and filming for the “Junot Files”.  And of course, I always have new projects in the works!

I have run a $99 special on my Reiki Course for the month of October for Breast Cancer Awareness month with a great response.  I also had several inquiries from people looking to purchase the course for someone else.  With that said, I will extend the $99 sale throughout the holiday season ending December 31, 2012.  (For more information on Reiki, or Reiki for pain management, please feel free to email me at

It appears that paranormal activity has been on an increase!  Cases are coming in quicker than I can respond.  This is pretty normal for this time of the year.  If you have emailed me a concern, please know that I am responding to everyone in order they were received. Also, for those at the local level, there will be a Ghost Hunting 101 available in the month of November.  That information will be released soon!

The rate for psychic readings will remain the same throughout the remainder of the year. I did experience some technical problems with the main line in one week of October and all issues have been resolved.  I would also like to thank the ones that submit testimonials to the site, as I love hearing your feedback.  For those that are not willing to publish on the website, feel free to email me directly at

I would also like to remind you that Mercury Retrograde begins Nov 6th to Nov 26th.  This is generally not the time to begin anything new and the time for the unexpected.

In taking a look at how this Retrograde will affect us, I can say that this one will be one of the unexpected.  Things that you thought would not materialize will, and things you thought would materialize will fall through.  Though I don’t see this Retrograde as being as negative as most, I will say it will indeed be all about “Change”. 

I still get a lot of inquiries on the Body Wraps.  It appears that I have those that are interested in loosing weight this time of year, and those seeking to make extra money for the holiday season.  Please contact me anytime if you have any questions. 

(To catch a daily special every now and then, follow me on Twitter or add me to Facebook!)  Your November horoscopes will publish tomorrow on my site around noon!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Reiki Master Certifications for Breast Cancer Awareness by Psychic Jackie Tomlin

The following was an interview from a good friend! :) Jackie Tomlin has been a Reiki Master for years. She is the author of Distant Learning: Reiki Master’s Course, Handbook & Certification. From Jackie Tomlin, “Reiki is a form of energy healing.” “It pertains to aligning your chakras which are your energy fields.” “It is sent into the body to heal what needs to be healed.” “There appears to be a misconception about Reiki, as it is not a religion or against a religion, it is indeed a holistic practice such as acupuncture or chiropractors.” Reiki can be done in person or sent by distance. It is also commonly used on animals and pets. It is also recommended for relaxation. From Jackie Tomlin, “It has taken a long time for me to come up with a successful course that you can do one on one with me, and learn Reiki from a distance.” “The first step is learning how to Reiki yourself.” “The distance course allows you to work at your own speed with me there to guide you.” In speaking with Jackie, she has seen success from those that suffer from migraines, fibromyalgia, lupus, to those with a common toothache. Her most recent adventure has been with cancer patients. From Jackie Tomlin, “Though it is not a cure for cancer, it does assist in pain management.” “You will find this throughout many publications regarding pain management and cancer patients.” “My mother is currently in a late stage of breast cancer and in a lot of pain, and enjoys her Reiki sessions tremendously.” “I also wanted to state that the words Reiki Master does not mean you’re a master of Reiki.” “It simply means that you are now at the teaching level to certify others.” Jackie is currently offering a special on her Reiki Master Course for October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. For the month of October, the course is $99.00, a mark down from $298.00. This applies from beginners to other levels and will take you all the way through your Master Certification at your own speed. For more information, feel free to contact Jackie directly through her website at

Monday, October 1, 2012

Horoscopes for October 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012

September "Rants & Raves"

It is hard to believe that it is officially fall. On the other hand I am looking forward to the leaves turning, pumpkins, and Halloween! Upcoming in October, I have a friend visiting from out of town and my daughter gets a fall break from college. I’m glad to report that I am hearing lots of positives shifts and changes with my clients and expect that will continue in October. (However, November brings the month of the “Unexpected”.) I really don’t expect that our election month is going to go as planned. I really had a BLAST this month with Todd & Phil on Haunted Voices Radio! What a wonderful show and their commentary really ties everything together! If you missed the show you will find it on their website in the archives. For those that called in, thank you for emailing me or contacting me on Facebook. I LOVE hearing the positive feedback. This is definitely a radio show that I will do again! Meanwhile, check my Events calendar for another upcoming radio show in October. My local group Central VA Psychic Development & Paranormal Research is returning to Sailor’s Creek tomorrow. This was the second battlefield 72 hours prior to Lee’s surrender in Appomattox were 7700 men were killed. There is a lot of activity and a lot of great history there. It also appears that my paranormal team CVAPI, is getting geared up for a busy season of investigations this fall. I personally think that more activity comes from a combination of the change in the season and for the fact that you are in the house more. It would stand to reason that you may notice things that you do not normally notice. Psychic readings remain the same with two phones line options, as well as chat and email readings available. (Follow me on Twitter to catch a daily special from time to time!) REMINDER: If I am in your address book, the email address is changing! The new address is or . For the locals, I hope to set something up for readings soon! Your free email follow up remains in effect, please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response as sometimes I do get backed up on emails! I thank you all for the continued outpour of support for my Mother! Though she does not live with me, I speak to her every day and she has good days and bad days. October is “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”, and I have seen success with Reiki and pain management. So in her honor, those that are interested in becoming a Reiki Master, the course will be available from beginners to Master’s for $99. (Website updated soon!) Feel free to email me for details. I continue to write for Examiner as Richmond Psychic & Paranormal Examiner. Keep your eye out in October as I plan for a little something extra there. Subscribe and it will send you email alerts! Don’t forget your Free October Horoscopes will be up on the 1st! Everyone have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August "Rants & Raves"

Month 8 of the year and the year appears to be flying by! I associate August with “Wrapping up summer”. It seems every time I turn on the television I see a commercial for “Back to school”. August in Virginia hasn’t been that bad so far. We have had a few bad storms and a few hot days, but a lot lower humidity. I am still hoping that since June took so long to actually warm up, that we will clear hurricane season here this year. Speaking of “Back to school”, my daughter is returning to college this year beginning next week. She appears really excited about it as she is working on her degree in psychology. August bought us the end of Mercury Retrograde and a lot of meteor showers this month. This has sent a lot of good, high, positive energy all around. Unfortunately I did not see the first shooting star! I am hearing a lot of positive transformations from my clients at this time. Relationships are taking off; businesses are doing better, and overall just a positive shift in energy. Although spring and summer are my favorite seasons, there are certain things that I look to in the fall. For one the changing colors of the leaves! I am a guest on a few radio shows upcoming this fall and will post some of them soon. One coming up in the month of September is a two-hour call in show for psychic readings, and they do offer Internet access for you to listen if you are not local. This is a great way to get in that free question! Two open phone lines remain on my website for psychic readings, as well as there are appointments, chat and email options. I also want to remind you that the email address has changed! To reach me directly, email Due to a busy schedule anything for Central Virginia Psychic Development & Paranormal Research has been placed on hold for the summer. If you visit my website and find I am unavailable, please use the buttons from one of the social networks for Facebook or Twitter, as these will generally indicate when I return. As promised I will try to keep up with the blog and give you a few more details on my personal life. I promise you that outside of the odd hours that I work to accommodate different time zones, I live a pretty normal life. No bats, dungeons or anything like that! I still have projects going on in my backyard, that I am unsure of when they will be finished. This is primarily due to me adding to them! With the help of a friend with a greenhouse, I also have successfully grown my own herbs this summer to include basil, lavender and cilantro. (And of course tomaotoes!) I believe it is always important that you should have a place at home to relax and unwind and for me, its my backyard. In my personal life, I thank all of you that have sent me emails regarding my mom. Some of you have asked, and no, she does not live with me. She lives with my aunt approximately 15 to 20 minutes away. Overall she is doing well and has good days and bad days. I am happily surprised to find how many times Reiki has been mentioned for cancer patients and appears in various publications on pain management! Although I personally am a big supporter and believer in Reiki, I was thrilled to see how many times this has been recommended! For those of you that have never tried Reiki, you REALLY don’t know what your missing!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July "Rants & Raves"

The month of July has gone by so fast that I almost forgot to get this blog up! Summer is indeed my favorite season of the year. Though we will see some hot days here in August, I always take note that the sun's position begins to change, indicating fall is around the corner. August and September also bring the beginning of hurricane season, and I am hoping the best for everyone. It looks like we are now in the middle of Mercury Retrograde, ending on August 8th. Though this moon phase brings many mixed emotions, it has indeed been a positive Retrograde for clearing out the old, and lining up new projects. I have spoke with many that have had a run of "good luck" recently, and hope I will see that continue. I have numerous emails from my local clients seeking a reading. I am no longer offering readings at Sideline Cafe. If you are local, this does not mean that I will not meet you in person. It does mean that we can meet somewhere else, and if you are in the Chester area, I don't mind coming to you. I am not conditioned to Tuesday evenings, however, this is a good time for me. I have had to make some adjustments to my schedule due to some upcoming projects. If you are local please email me at and I will see what I can set up for you. My paranormal team CVAPI, has lots of exciting investigations coming up, and in the next few days, I will start putting those on the schedule. Though I had planned on lining up a public investigation for Central VA Psychic Development & Paranormal Research, the heat has prevented me from doing so. I will try to put something together for late August. As well as I continue to offer Body Wraps with Jackie, and if you would like more information, please email me. The best time to contact me for a psychic reading? It seems that my hours are forever changing so I can accommodate my clients over seas. I would still have to say anytime after 1PM, on up until the wee hours of the morning. The month of July for me, has been all about cleaning out some old clutter around the house. (A wonderful feeling once it is done!) And of course, I have saved my office until last. (With a little Reiki, for the mental clutter.) As well as I still have a couple of projects I am working on in my backyard. I also had a wonderful time pet setting for some friends this month. I do have good news myself for the month of July, as my daughter has registered and has decided to return to college this fall as a full time student! It also appears that I may have some upcoming changes to a couple of my websites and I'm pretty happy about as well. It is the end of the month. Meaning I hope to have your horoscopes up at Psychic Readings by Jackie by tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weekly Forecast

I have received many inquiries regarding the "Weekly Forecast". It is indeed the same price with either 4 or 5 weeks in the month. It is a subscription service through PayPal and you will find more information on the service here. I HAVE experienced problems with cell phone delivery in certain areas over seas. This same service is available via email. Your forecast will deliver anywhere from Sunday afternoon to late Monday evening. I have very little control on what time they deliver. For those that have this set to cell phone service, please consider the email option to prevent your phone from going off in the middle of the night! ALSO, those delivered by email tend to be a little longer as I am not capped off, on what I can send. If there is a particular area you would like me to focus on for that week, I ask that you please email me that request sometime on Saturday at Any further questions, please email me! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

One Hour Psychic Reading Special

I only run this every so often! Due to several emails over the last few weeks, I am running this SUNDAY, MONDAY and TUESDAY. (7-8 to 7-10) One hour phone reading for $99. This is an excellent opportunity for those with a list of questions, ones seeking to connect to the otherside, or for two friends to share. The special is on my home page at Make your payment and email me at with the number to contact you, and your preferred time. REMEMBER I am in the Eastern Time Zone, so please let me know your time zone as well.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

June "Rants & Raves"

YES I am aware it is now July! I had planned on getting this up over the weekend but unfortunately; we were without power all weekend, due to a "Twister" like storm on Friday night. I am really glad to see summer arrive! (Excluding the storms.) Spring and summer are my favorite seasons of the year. I have spoke with a lot of you that are planning vacations and wish you all the best! My availablilty for psychic readings at have been a little sporatic the last week or so, due to my Mom being in the hospital. It appears that I am almost caught up and I appreciate your patience! The summer solitice brings about new beginnings for most everyone. It also brings the heat waves, so be careful! Due to playing "Catch up" from no power, I hope to have the horoscopes for July up and available later this evening. I have received many messages that some are having problems accessing that particular page from your smartphones, and we are indeed working on it! Due to the heat and my crazy schedule this month, I have not been able to post a local event for Central VA Psychic Development & Paranormal Research. I hope to set up something for the end of July. My paranormal team CVAPI, is currently wrapping up one case and getting ready to move forward with the next. It appears that we have some exciting projects upcoming! As always, I LOVE meeting those face to face that I have been reading for a long time. It looks like the summer months will bring me several opportunities as some travel to or through Virginia! I will be in town and up for readings the entire month of July. PLEASE NOTE my email address is changing! The contact button on my website remains, however the address will change. If you have me in your address book, please make the change. I am slowly weeding out the comcast address. Though I like this mail system, it crashes on me frequently, as well as accessing it remotely tends to be a problem from time to time. Your free question email follow up remains for those that have paid for a reading. The new email address is: HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY 4th OF JULY!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hide & Seek

I am in the process of changing things up to have a little "Summer Fun". For those that are interested in learning Reiki, this is an opportunity that you will not want to miss. My book Distant Learning: Reiki Masters Course, Handbook and Certification normally runs for $298.00. This is a simplified course that you do at home and at your own speed and work with me one on one. It takes you from the Beginner's Level all the way through your Master Certification. Now for the good news. There are coupons out there that run from 6-4-12 and expire on 6-30-12, offering the entire course, Beginner's to Master's for $150.00. In order to get this price, you must FIND THE COUPON! Where could it be? My sites, on me, social networks? You will have to see! Once you find it, email it to me! (This will invoice you through PayPal for the $150.00) Looking for a free psychic reading? Catch me tonight JUNE 4th, as a guest on Phat Ladies of the Paranormal on We will be giving away two free readings tonight, so tune in!

Monday, May 21, 2012

May's Rants and Raves....

What a rough month it has been in the Tomlin household! I would almost swear we were under Retrogade! Unfortunately, my daughter and I have been through two back to back deaths of our friends this month, and hoping that things are now turning around on a more positive note. In addition, we have an abandoned construction job in the backyard, that I am happy to say, is now coming up on completion. (We have also had our Maine Coon a little under the weather.) I have had some emails regarding my new adventure with "Body wraps by Jackie", though my schedule has been tight this month, things are going well. If you are currently on a weight loss program, this is the way to go. For those that are seeking extra income, please feel free to contact me at and I will email you some information. For actual before and after pictures you can visit my Facebook page for the body wraps. (If your local, we are having a wrap party this weekend in Sussex!) This week, brings back more of a "normal" schedule for me and psychic readings. And yes, I will be available during the holiday weekend. If you are local, we are planning an outing to the Midlothian Coal Mines this Saturday May 26th, at 4PM and hope you will join us. (The very first coal mines in the US, more information here.) I also have Live Psychic Readings coming up the first Saturday in June beginning at 11AM at Kahnee's Korner. (Check my Events page.)Though I haven't done a lot of radio lately, you can catch me live Monday June 4th, at 7PM EST on PARA-X. And of course CVAPI, (Central VA Paranormal Investigations)remains busy, with our latest investigation being released in a few days. In other news, I have OFFICIALLY pulled out of Sideline Cafe, local readings will be scheduled elsewhere. (Details coming soon!) Some of you out west, sent me photos of the eclipse yesterday, thank you very much. We were under clouds and I completely missed it! I have also recieved many warm wishes for my Mother, who by the way, has a birthday at the end of the month. (A Gemini!) I look for the remainder of the month to take a more positive turn. I intend to remain busy with my readings, finishing up my projects on the homefront, and I am actually thinking about a vertical herb garden...(Although my daughter considers that "Creating work") Now, for a couple of common questions.....My favorite color? Purple, always has been, since a child! My favorite food? I don't think I actually have a favorite, although I am partial to Italian and Seafood. My favorite place to visit? Old plantations and the beach! Look for me on Facebook and you can find me on Twitter. Wishing all of you a safe and joyful holiday weekend! More to come soon...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April's Rants and Raves...

Another month is quickly passing by! We are still dealing with the crazy spring weather here in Virginia. One day it feels like spring and the next like fall. As of this week, I believe the worst of the pollen will be over. (I'm hoping so anyway!) It's been a busy month for psychic readings, and I LOVE it when I'm busy! My new adventure has begun with the body wraps and this has been a tremendous amount of fun! I love seeing everyone's reaction as well as meeting new people. On the homefront, I had friends tear off my old deck (several years old) and they have begin installing a patio in its place. Due to an illness, this project has been placed temporarily on hold. In other news, I am "slowly" trying to talk my daughter into taking the position of my Administrative Assistant this summmer. (I soooo HATE paperwork!) My newsletter went out this month and I recieved several touching emails regarding my Mother. Thank you everyone! She is doing well, and I will certainly keep you posted! On the paranormal side of things, I have had to reschedule a couple of things this month for both CVAPI, as well as Central Virginia Psychic Development & Paranormal Research. CVAPI currently is working on a new project that I will discuss later on. As far as Central Virginia Psychic Development & Paranormal Research, I have a lists of places that I hope we will visit over the summer. Spring does bring about new beginnings for almost everyone! Now is the time to address any projects that you may have been putting off. I can say that I cannot help but notice everyone's positive attitude lately! Now to answer a couple of questions: Will I offer another Tarot Card Workshop? Yes, I am planning to do this in the month of May. Keep your eye on my "Events" calendar from my websie. Will I set up another open chat on my website?YES, and we need to this soon! Remember the BEST way to contact me is through my website! If you message me on Facebook, I may miss it!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March "Rants & Raves"

I am super excited that today is the first day of spring! Spring and summer are indeed my favorite seasons. My availiability for readings will be a little sporadic this upcoming weekend (March 23rd, March 25th) as I have friends coming in from out of town.
As of today I am welcoming the employees from NJVC in Vienna, Virginia as part of thier perks program. I am really excited about this!
Though I am excited about spring, it is hard to believe that the first quarter for 2012 is almost over. Time is really flying by! This included two large psychic parties in both Fairfax, Virginia and Virginia Beach to which I met some wonderful people at both and had a super fantastic time.
CVAPI, has wrapped up another successful paranormal investigation this month and will move on to the next one in April. If you are local, there will be a free presentation March 31st at Sideline Cafe on "Its all about ghosts".
Also Saturday April 7th, I will be available for live readings at Kahnee's Korner Consignment (More info under EVENTS at 11AM to 3PM. This will remain in effect the first Saturday of every month, so if you live in Virginia, I hope you will make arrangements to come and see me!
In meeting so many people this month I have found that one question sticks out to everyone. When did I know? I think that I knew in my early teenage years. In speaking with some family members, I am told that there were signs of it much earlier than that. (I do remember of being terrified of our family cemetery in which was in my Grandmother's yard.) As a teenager, it began with "flashes" like short films. (Enough to make you think your nuts.) I also remember a lot of premonitions in my dreams of things that were to come. (This still occurs on occasion.) Basically, I felt strange and awkward thinking there was something seriously wrong with me.
In my early twenties I began "playing" with it. What could I predict? Was I accurate? This eventually led me to do readings for family, friends and co-workers. I did this for several years. It was a family member that gave me the push to apply and work for the first online service part-time. This was the BIG turning point for me. It wasn't the fact that I was being paid, it was the fact that I accepted it, and others had accepted me.
Why do I say this was the big turning point? Because I changed completely. An internal peace that I cannot explain. With that the visions became more detailed and it appeared that I was seeing things that I did not believe were possible.
If you are one of those that have a gift of any sorts, the best advice I can give you is to accept it. Change will indeed occur once you do!
Even though the price of gas is going up, and the economy is still off, I am looking for spring to bring some positive changes. Even though we are currently under Mercury retrograde, I have seen a shift in most that I have read for and its to the positive! I will try to get a spring newsletter out in April so make sure that I have your email address on file!
I do tend to back up on emails from time to time, however, I also read every one of them. Don't ever hesitate to send me an email.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Chester, Virginia's first pub-crawl Saturday March 17th

Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to get the most out of a psychic reading

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Overcoming the negativity of Mercury retrograde

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February "Rants and Raves"

To pick up where I left off….our trip. My daughter was able to go with me and we went to New Jersey and New York and had a “Wonderful” time and cannot wait to return. It also gave me the opportunity to meet several people that I have read for before and had never met.
Upon returning from our short vacation, my mother was hospitalized and diagnosed with a late stage of breast cancer. (To those that know of this, I thank you for the heart felt emails!). She is now at home and taking one day at a time.
So with the trip and her hospitalization, my working hours were very sporadic the first part of the month. I am now back on track and it remains that the best time to catch me for a reading are between 1:00PM to 1:00AM.
With spring right around the corner, I am getting requests for psychic parties and have booked a couple. I have to say that these tend to book up quickly. If you have a group of 6 or more and are interested in a psychic party please email me through my website.
Upcoming, I am offering a local class for Reiki Certifications for Level I & Level II, the first Saturday in March. This will be held in Chesterfield, Virginia and the location depends on the number that registers. Spaces are limited mainly because I like working with smaller groups.
For Valentine’s Day, I had a couple of clients send me emails from other psychics offering “Love spells” and all sorts of Valentine goodies. I do find this irritating and would hope that my clients do not buy into this. (Look for my past blog on Psychic Scams!)
“Punxsutwaney Phil” (the groundhog) may have predicted a delay in spring. However, if I look at my Siberian Husky, “Sasha”, she is definitely blowing her winter coat early! (My favorite seasons are spring and summer!)
As of this week, I have accepted a “10 – Week” Challenge from my gym. So, wish me luck. (And YES, I am sore, lol!) I will certainly keep you updated on this adventure.
I am asked on a regular basis about meditation. For some, this comes easy and for others it takes practice. One of the biggest suggestions I can offer is it has to do with your “Atmosphere”. There are a lot of little “Mini detoxins” that you can do to help you prepare yourself for mediation.
First and foremost you should have a good “dent” in your “to do” list. From cleaning out closets, making calls, etc. The less you have to wonder about, the more successful your meditation will be. Next, see if you can find the appropriate “Time” for meditation. This could be early morning, late at night, or perhaps after the children go to bed. Finally, your “Atmosphere”, in picking the place for your meditation. A quiet, uncluttered spot.
This could be a corner in your living room, your bedroom or guest room, wherever you decide, make sure you are comfortable and that the atmosphere is inviting. Like most things practice makes perfect. The important thing is that you try to schedule the “Me” time for yourself!
Until next time…

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 2012 Horoscopes

Thursday, January 19, 2012

January "Rants and Raves"

Keeping true to my promise, I will give you all some of my “rants and raves”. This is also a great opportunity to answer some of the questions that I am asked most often.
On the paranormal side of things, CVAPI stays busy. I have actually turned down more cases than I have accepted the last few months. Since the airing of our case on the Animal Planet, it seems that I have a lot of families out there with a focus on television. This has caused us to up the screening process on the cases that we do take.
Is my house haunted? I hate using the word “Haunted”, so I think I will go with “Spiritually Inhabited”, lol. My daughter and I used to write down all of the random events that occurred here, and it just became too much. Now, I want to add that there is nothing “Scary” here, but we can be very active at times. Has anyone else had experiences there? Yes, several and some nothing at all. I believe it depends on the person. If you have a fear of the paranormal nothing seems to happen. (I do try hard not to bring my work home with me!) Now onto the psychic realm of things…
When is a good time to get a reading with you? My availability continues to vary. I have clients all over the US, Canada, United Kingdom, and a few other countries. For the most part, you are almost guaranteed to catch me between the hours of 1:00PM and 1:00AM. (Eastern Time.)
How often should I get a reading? Only you know that answer. It depends on the person and the situation. When things from your prior reading start to pass, this is generally the time to see what else lies ahead.
Do you ever plan to have a local storefront? NO, I enjoy reading locally at events. (The thought of a sign out front makes me cringe!) My office is located in my home, and I do not offer readings here. I am at Sideline CafĂ© locally every Tuesday night and sometimes on Saturday’s during the day to accommodate schedules. Another personal fact, I don’t like psychic fairs. I think all readings are personal no matter what length of time and I don’t like reading among a group of people. (Not to mention that the energy is CRAZY!) Now onto the personal side of things….
Do you have any pets other than your cat and dog? No, and these two are a handful! I post a lot of pictures of them on Facebook. “Sasha” is a Siberian Husky who is by my side all the time. (That is right, she hears all of your readings, lol) Actually Sasha is very aggressive. I don’t view myself as her “Master” but rather “Her person”, she has me trained well. She only likes to go outside when she deems it necessary. “Roxy” is my daughter’s cat, these two live in harmony “most” of the time. For those that know the temperament of a Maine Coon, what can I say….she is NUTS.
How do you spend your time off? Like most, with family and friends. Things I do enjoy are reading, and here lately drawing. I do take the time to play Trivia with friends every Thursday evening. I am not a gamer, but I have recently switched from playing Angry Birds to Words With Friends, it’s a good pass time. Another favorite for “Me Time” is going to the gym. (I know strange, but I actually enjoy going.)
I am super excited about an upcoming trip to New Jersey and NYC at the end of this month. (I will be sure to post about it.) I am scaling back on a few things this year to make room for more things that I enjoy. One of those things are radio shows, I will continue to appear as a guest from time to time, but not as often. I have had some ask about our past radio show, and as of now, I don’t intend to do that this year. (I say that now, we shall see.) It takes a lot of time to produce a weekly show. I am hoping that this will allow more time for get togethers with my meetup group Central VA Psychic Development and Paranormal Research.
I also have a couple of books stuck in my head that I would like to take the time to work on. One is almost complete. (Writing is another of my favorite pass times as I find it relaxing!) I also like to watch television, though I don’t always take the time to do so. I think most are surprised that I actually spend very little time watching paranormal television shows. Which one is my favorite? Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. I like reality tv, The Housewives Series, Black Gold, true crime shows, and Lifetime. (Who doesn’t like Lifetime? And yes, I am including the men out there on that as well!)
Even though I choose to work as a psychic because I like helping people. I think most are surprised to learn that I live a very normal life. Until next time…
Psychic Readings By Jackie